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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
Sorry to hear, but sounds like you're getting on the right path.

Still going Gfree?
We'll see. Right now I'm on the "whatever doesn't send me to the bathroom five minutes later" diet.

Originally Posted by DME46 View Post
Best of luck dwass, will be hoping for the best for you.
Thank you.

Originally Posted by DylloS View Post
damn dude. I often think of getting checked out and getting blood work and I'm seriously too lazy to just make an appointment. I probably should.
Go get a check up, Mike. At least get your blood work done. That's completely painless and you'll have a good baseline to work with.

Originally Posted by Silversixspeed View Post

Seriously, sorry to hear about the possibilities of whats going on. Best of luck to ya, hopefully you can catch whatever it is and control/stop it before any major damage occurs!
We keep it professional in my office

I looked at the side effects of the medicine for UC...they're the same as the symptoms of UC

Originally Posted by Green_Shine View Post
Good luck. Some good advice too, I get a yearly physical with blood work. Actually just had it 2 weeks ago, doctor was concerned because my creatine levels were high. I had to explain I was actually ingesting creatine haha.
I've been better about going to the doctor for the last two years, and I think us athletic guys have really bad habits regarding healthcare. Granted, I didn't like my previous doctors, but my current guy is great and I think that's essential.
Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
I don't see what is ridiculous by robbing with a sword.A sword in one od the most lethal wepon !!!

It's more easy to kill with a sword than with a gun.

A sword is more frightening than toy-looking gun like glock.

robbing with a sword is a good thing
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