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Originally Posted by RayPooley View Post
Yes. The whole tensioner assemby would be in order. Looking at the extent of the wobble no bearing that I know of could wobble like that without having suffered total collapse and if that were the case there would be bits of bearing and pulley flying everywhere. I wouldn't drive it in that condition. If it does go it could knacker your fan, radiator, hoses, water pump etc and that would be expensive. Original tensioners had preloaded springs inside them. These do fail. It is not impossible that the spring suffered some kind of damage when you compressed it to get the belts off. It has probably not been compressed for a long time. Springs do lose their spring rate after a while especially in high temperature environments. Of course all of this is based on wht I see in your video and the noise I hear. I could be wrong.
Definitely, I would *assume* that the wobble is a mix of a shot tensioner pulley causing undue stress on the tensioner in some way, making it relieve the stress. Which would mean that the wobble isn't all in the pulley itself. I assume. Since it is on a spring and all. I would think if it were all in the bearing then it would be a horrendous sound of grinding.

I was thinking that too, possible tensioner damage during the belt change. Also, it had a SLIGHT version of this sound when cold before (I thought it was just the belt since it needed replacement, although it was more of a sound like this then a belt squeak. But not NEARLY as loud.) So maybe by tensioner pulley or assembly was on its way out and the belt change made it worse. Plus I swear it happened as soon as it got cold. Plus it goes away now when the engine is warm. Strange.

That's what is really throwing me, that it goes away when the engine is warm.
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