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Originally Posted by cosmos///m3 View Post
Yeah I knew there would be some NVH. I figured these would be the "road" version and not the "race" version. So it would give more of a direct feel and better feedback...etc. Yet not be as harsh as your car was.

I figured these along with semi-solid diff bushings and a mixture of "street" PF bushings for just about everything else (rear control arm/front control arms/rear subframe bushings) should give a nice blend of both possibly giving the car a much more solid and direct ride, but not a damn racecar like yours... ???
You are right in your thinking, it will give you a better connection with the car and road but will for increase the NVH. I would assume it would be some place between oem and my car.

What it really comes down to is what you can live with. Me for example, I will put 100% solid bushings throughout my e92 when I get it because after having them in my e46 I have to have that connection with the car. If you can live with it then more power to you, I think you will love it.
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