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The best "where are they when you need one" story I have is about year or so ago, I was doing a steady 70 mph in lane 3 or 4 on the 405 north where the 22 merges at about 9:30 at night so it's dark. I didn't know it but a CHP cruiser was shadowing me. A few miles before the 605, a fellah on a wide open freeway zooms right past me, cuts in front of me fairly close and then jams his brakes. Well, that dipsh1t got a nice surprise because the CHP cruiser shadowing me, flicked on the pursuit lights immediately and pulled that dumba55 over. I have never felt so redeemed! Hah! I hope the officers dragged him out of the window by his ears and nose and gave that jerk a Rodney King style beat down - that's a joke BTW for those who lack the mental aptitude to detect humor.

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