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I guess you have this all figured out??

What I am saying is you really need to try and read/extract/suck the current programming out of the existing module if possible.

The OP can actually use his software to do this assuming he can properly communicate with his replacement module. Also suggest before he programs a replacement module that he try to read/extract/suck the programming info and store it. You can actually jump back and forth between programs if needed and if you have them store.. He can also likely look at his software to determine how many options and features can be programmed into an airbag module.

At times you may be lucky and end up with a module out of a like model and year that has the same profile, but it is just as likely that you could possibly end up with a module that has different programming.

Just because there is no airbag light if you put a used module in a car does not mean the module is configured properly.

Also there are potential big liability issues as well. These module store crash data and airbag deployment info. If you buy a used module on ebay, has any existing crash data been cleared? Does it have history for some other event in some other car?

Just saying you need to be careful how you handle airbag modules, they are not just plug & play.

I have not paid close attention to the E46 configuration, however, the E39 had the rear airbags disabled in certain years. This was entirely configurable with software within the same module.

Just saying that the OP needs to be aware of what he is doing to protect himself and his occupants.
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