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Originally Posted by cityjohn View Post
This is a bear to install. I did it and, while I can't remember the exact procedure that ended up working, the fact that I did should give hope. I did it myself with a huge amount of leverage as I recall.
Anything you could remember would be a great help.

Did you install the spring with the top installed? or out of the car?
You did it yourself? no help?
Did you use a clamp? ratchet strap?

Thanks in advance!

Originally Posted by cityjohn View Post
I'm curious to know what the function is, as the top seemed to work fine when it was out of the car. Does it help lift the frame? Does it dampen it when dropping?
Me too, since I'd like to finish this up even if it means leaving this off.

I suspect its to keep the top tensioned when the car is off. The hydraulics are only pressurized when the car turns on (thus why you can manually move the top with the car off).
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