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I'm getting this feeling that some in the community have this notion that BMWs are built like the movement that's in a Rolex so to speak, meaning the mechanical nature of the thing will not break. It's a fact of life, all German car's are finicky to some degree, and even beyond. If it's made by man and it's mechanical, it's going to break - fact of life. Repairs hurt the wallet in a BMW more because it is a premium brand, but who doesn't know that when you sign on the dotted line. I remember my salesman telling me the cost it will run me after the factory warranty was over. Anyways, enough about that. My water pump started weeping at around 40,000 miles. It started to weep more ay 100,000 miles so ECS Tuning to the rescue with their Stage 3 cooling system replacement, plus a fan clutch and even more hoses. So now, all the "spinny things" up front are new, the S54 runs cool, and life is good for another 100k miles, hopefully.
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