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Originally Posted by kakashi_sensi View Post
This is just wack. I can't believe everyone else has the same problem. I also was promised a tracking number multiple times via through email. I sent payment at the beginning of November and he told me countless times that it has been shipped. Thankfully, he refunded my money when I filed for a dispute. If he did send it out, I will pay him when I get the item.

Members be cautious.
Hey man things happen, issues come up. That's why pay pal is nice because it offers both buyer and seller protection. Yes Shipping was delayed multiple times and I've apologized for that, its not like I disappeared for weeks on a time, I responded within 2-3 days of any communication, some people don't spend 24/7 on the internet. And yes I refunded both you and Nui, and voided the shipment because after all the stupid fees from pay pal and my bank account It just wasn't worth the hassle. Plus the disputes caused other items to be delayed from shipping and its a domino effect.

Show me where in any of this I have not acted in a mature and decent way?

To everyone else who purchased thanks for bearing with me while I sorted it all out. Looking forward to seeing the parts installed on everybodys cars.
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