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They good willed the tail light, but they told me the camshaft timing was off so either way I'm paying for something lol. They said I can't keep the failed part since its warranty work they send it in. The guy blew off my sub frame inquiry saying there's no recall clearly doesn't know what he is talking about. Will print something out bring it in. Just want them to finish these things first before I start fighting with them.

They gave me a brand new 328i loaner. I must say besides exterior looks nice dash, and very fast acceleration it is such a shitty car. The steering is soft, engine makes noise, tranny shifts funny, leather seats look like they came from a Prius. My Toyota Camry rental had better headlights.

Losses stability at high speeds imagine doing 120 with a soft steering wheel it's scary lol.

Do you know if we can use a 330 MAF sensor?

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