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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
I'm pretty sure Meyle is not a manufacturer, they contract with other companies so all of their parts may not be of equivalent quality.

And I absolutely would not put blind faith in all of Meyle's products.

They do sell some quality parts, and they sell some crap parts. The safe bet, if one is ever unsure, is to buy from the brand who made the part originally for BMW.
I really don't have an issue with using specific parts from them. Meyle itself is a manufacturer with its own facilities, but they also contract with others. I always exercise due diligence before selecting what manufacturer I trust for a specific part. My car has a genuine oil level sensor, but Meyle control arms, bushings and numerous other parts. So far, so good. I was never advocating that anyone should blindly trust Meyle parts. I take all advice and generally accepted opinion with a grain of salt. The parts carry a warranty and are manufactured under strict quality guidelines according to this statement:

What I was originally addressing was the stupidity of the comment claiming Meyle parts are junk because some of them are manufactured in China. That just isn't true.

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