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So after sourcing the Z4 screen setup, and pulling my old 7" screen out of the spot it's been hiding for 6 years, I decided to attempt to merge the two together, and get the whole thing setup and ready to go, so I could be one step closer to installing this.

Tonight, we got a lot done. We located some problems, worked through them and so far I could not be happier. Here are some shots of what we accomplished tonight, with more video coming soon.

Here I was trimming the internal parts of the Z4 screen bezel. There were mounting points and stand offs, screw holes and other associated parts that would not allow the screen to fit.

More stuff that was removed.

Shot from the back with the screen and electronics inside. It fits now!!!

Front shot. Shows the view...

Guts prepped and seperated from the screen back. We did not attach anything yet, because we wanted to not only test out the screen and stuff, but also want to find a clean servicable way to mount it.

Finally a shot from inside a car at night. Screen is in the bezel, and the camera is on a make shift mount on the roof for testing purposes.

Video coming soon.

2002 M3
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