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PITA in the Arse

Originally Posted by urbankyleboy View Post
ahhh i just did this and let me tell you it was a huge PITA!!! the bands in step #11 were facing to where i couldnt get at them! i ended up using a ratchet that would fit over the screw.
I agree to the second power, then squared!

Please forgive, if this was answered earlier, as I just found this thread and it's just after 6 a.m., but I'm heading out to pull a few things off, so I can hopefully put my car back together having been screwing with this p.i.t.a for most of yesterday.

Questions, is there a one piece intake bellows now available? I see in the diagram, linked here, that the lower hose has been discontinued. Or am I to assume, that I just order a new one as if my car were a June of 06 car?

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