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Just a quick update:-

I have now moved the Aircon control box down WITHOUT buying the relocation unit. I simply cut a notch of about 8mm out of the bottom side edges which allowed the aircon unit to side back in line with the console buttons. OK, so there's about a 2mm gap between the buttons and the aircon unit - about the same gap between the buttons and the Ashtray cover. All I finally had to do was make a small wedge to hold the aircon unit in place. The wedge is along the top edge and is hidden under the overhand of where the 2 Din opening will now be.

I have started making my own Bezel out of MDF. With the aircon unit now moved, it's time to start shaving the current cutout that I've done, down to size. It's currently about 2mm too wide. I over cut it since I did not fancy having to start again if I had under cut it !!
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