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no heat

I bypassedheat control valve last week. What I have is extremely poor circulation from water pump, cylinder head hose. I have removed hose from heat control valve and run it back into coolant reservoir,then rev up engine. almost no flow until 4000 rpm.. Since I am reluctant too remove intake manifold, and explore into cylinder head for blockages, I decided to remove heat valve and install a "booster pump" through heater core.THis works very well and customer now has heat.Albeit without help of control except for the blower fan..Financial considerations from the customer have limited further diagnoses.AS we have already installed Coolant reservoir(old one bondo patched) water pump, thermostat, transmission cooler T stat, old one broken and filled with silicone as gasket.Heater core return hose.I have back flushed heater core 4 times and inspected the results in large bucket. had thermostat on off 4 times to blow through cylinder head( no restrictions,likewise water pump. etc. etc. This is the second time I have installed a " booster pump to produce heat . either at Idle or low rpms. sometimes too much time and money to dig into engine or heater core replace. Tepps
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