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Originally Posted by stoneweed1 View Post
I have an '01 330xi and had the same issues and I changed stuff one by one and it didn't do the trick, so I went all out and replaced alot of stuff. Around this mileage alot of stuff needs changed.

Thanks for the link. Surprisingly, a lot of that stuff has been done, except for suspension, mounts, and guibo. Here's what I've done:

- Left control arm including inner ball joint and bushing (Lemfurter I think)
- New tires and used BMW rims (while this may be an issue I had the vibration on the OEM ones)
- New left CV axle (OEM remanufactured)
- full cooling system overhaul
- DISA valve

It's going in Tuesday for the shop to do the VC gasket, replace a broken exhaust bolt and take another crack at the vibration as it has since returned to almost full strength. What I did notice was it seems better at colder (sub freezing) temperatures and returned to "normal" bad vibration levels yesterday when the temp went up to 50. Also since their work I get a weird idle vibration.

I'll try again to outline the feeling: at below 50 mph, car runs, drives and sounds fine. If I accelerate hard I feel the whole car shake a bit and feel it through the steering wheel; let off the gas and it'll smooth out. My 08 Nissan Frontier 4x4 with 98k on it runs 90% smoother and accelerates smoothly in 4wd or 2wd. So at 65 mph if I set the cruise I feel only a slight vibration but hear a howling from the motor that goes away at 60 and 70 respectively or if I shift to a different gear. My thought is that's intake noise and sort of normal.

However, at 70mph or above there is a vibration and a deeper howl not from the motor that I feel through the steering wheel and in the seat. Changing gears makes no difference, however coasting makes it slightly better. Accelerating hard makes it worse and it gets worse with more speed. Definitely driveline related.

Going to have the shop do their thing but check:

- guibo
- all CV axles
- transfer case bushing
- motor and transmission mounts
- wheel balance and trueness
- anything with suspension, though they checked that stuff last time as well

Not sure how or why, but to reiterate, it was far better (about 75%) when I picked it up from the shop so I went and got an alignment at the Tires Plus up the street. Drive home without issue, but only side streets and when I highway drove the next day the vibration had returned to more like 50% of original and has (to me at least) steadily gotten worse.

We'll see what they say. At this point I have to trust them as I have no time nor will my back take crawling around swapping out parts hoping to find it. They are a good shop with lots of BMW and XI experience so here's hoping.
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