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I've had the PF Z rated on my 325 and had OE on before these.

The z rated are amazing and are slightly less dust than OE Jurid.

They DO take a teeny bit more warm up time to feel less hard and 'stiff', but damn once they warm up they don't run out of steam and I have also noticed that the feel of them is more refined so to say when modulating the pedal. Allows a better adjustment of braking grip and I notice this compared to the rear of the car (which has OE pads), AND compared to when I had OE jurid on all four corners (now only in rear are OE jurids)

I do run OE rotors. The brake dust is less of a darkish clay (red) from OE and is now basically black dust in the front of my car. Easily a great buy in my book.

Another post said something about a squeek that happens for a quick second when hot and I also find this to be true. They're noiseless besides an occasional squeek here and there. Good choice!

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