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Originally Posted by sdbyrd View Post
I know the original factory head unit is somewhere around 7-10w/channel. The Dynavin Clone (D5113) is 45w/channel. The volume is a bit loud (been discussed numerous times before) but I wonder if the factory speakers will blow having that much power over a period of time? The highs sound really high and there's just something not quite right about the sound quality. It's on the fringe of distortion at times and wondered if one of two things will solve my issue.

1) Get a line output converter. If this is behind the head unit before it gets to my speakers, I can use an adjustable one. The "special port" connection on the Dynavin clone makes this complicated, unless there's an easier way to do it??? As you know, there's pretty much NO room for anything else behind/around that type of head unit.

2) New speakers that can handle a higher wattage rating. I don't want to go this route unless I have to.

I'm also not sure if my 2001 325i has an additional amp in the car, or if the speakers are just powered by the factory head unit. Otherwise, I'll be stuck with hot audio until I get a good permanent fix. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Your car does have an external factory amp. It's mounted behind the carpet on the left hand side of the trunk. You are feeding the full 45W signal of the head unit into the factory amp, which I'm 95% sure is the cause of the loud volume and distortion you are experiencing. You'll need a line out converter for this to work properly. The Dynavin has one of these built in and there is a setting you can change. It's not very adjustable but it helps. No idea if that is the case with the clones. I would just get an external one. They are not expensive.
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