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Originally Posted by Alex323Ci View Post
wait..what?? are you saying all 3/2003 Coupes are 2004 models?
i know the usual for BMW is Sept so if that's what you're saying i'd like to see this info.
Except for the M3s. But yes. The facelift started in March 2003, and there is no 2003 facelift coupe.

Take a look at that link. Note the following: Type code BD53, which is the designation for the facelift coupes. Build date March 7, 2003. Of note, the VIN for the car in the link above is: WBABD53404PL10006 -- Digit number 10 represents the model year designated for this car. 4 = 2004. So this is a case where we have a car built on March 7, 2003 that is titled as a 2004 model. This particular car is a facelift 330ci

Originally Posted by Nicholas.Lopes24 View Post
Well now that i am informed about 6 speed manual 330's......

How hard, and would it be cost effective to transplant a 330 6 speed into a 5 speed 325ci convertible? I'm experienced with doing all the work myself but question is....... is it worth it? Especially in a Black on Black 325CI 'vert?

I would assume this would help with gas mileage because in the 5 Speed 325's when you are on the highway your RPM's hover around 2750-3k and consume 28 -26mpg (estimated speed 60-70mph)

I would imagine with the 6 Speed could result in 32-34mpg? - what do you 330 6 speeds get on the highway USING cruise control on "relatively level road surfaces"

Difficulty wouldn't be much worse than changing the clutch.

You'd need the flywheel, clutch, and transission from a 330 6-speed. Then you would either need a 325 SMG driveshaft or a 330i 6MT driveshaft + 330 diff.

If you can get the parts cheap, it might be worth it. Especially if you needed a new clutch and flywheel anyway.

Originally Posted by Stinger9 View Post
That's what some say. I know the Wiki says the six speed came in with the March '03 production, so the implication is that this was called an '04. I have no way to verify that.

Some good DIY info here:

6 speeds did start in March 03. March 2003 also happens to be when the facelift coupe started, which BMW decided to sell as 2004 models.

So you have some 2003 sedans with 6-speeds and no 2003 coupes with them -- even though the 6-speed sedans and coupes were built at the same time.

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