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Originally Posted by Eric W View Post
I do have aftermarket PeP-Boys brand: Pro-Stop Platinum brand brake pads. Basically cheap junk is on there right now.

And what Im searching for is kick-ass initial bite and cold performance. So OEM is pretty much unbeatable for initial bite/grab?????? Nothing aftermarket can compare with oem's initial bite?

OOPS NVM. already answer my question I think
Essentially yes. I "upgraded" from OEM to hawk hps. The stopping distance (I'm guessing) is the exact same. The dust is 99% better than OEM and the initial bite is just a little less than OEM. There's really nothing that beats on street performance of OEM. It's really that good. However the trade off is bad dust like I said before.
Pick your poison but know that OEM will undoubtedly give you what you want from a performance standpoint.
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