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Originally Posted by silyb0y View Post
Meyle parts are the worst car parts Ive seen in my life. Their hydrobearings dont even have fluid inside. Therefor -> no hydrobearings. Just buy the original parts made by Lemförder. They are the best you can get.
Originally Posted by DHK View Post
I have heard about lots of problems with the poly ones. I have also heard a lot of people who swear by them.
The Meyle ones are sort of similar, lot of people swear by them but you also hear a lot of people complaining about defective ones.

I rarely if ever have seen anyone complain about the Lemforder ones though, they may not be the best but they are certainly the most consistent.
If Lemforder is OEM, then everyone complains about Lemforder. They are destroyed after less than 50,000 miles.

I think most people complaining about the Meyle HD ones do not install them properly. They must be slid on the control arm a certain distance. If you put them on too far, they will get ripped out. You also have to wait for your lube to dry up (used to slide them on) before driving.

Poly bushings are pretty much fool proof. I have Powerflex and they have been great so far after several thousand miles.
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