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Originally Posted by blksab65 View Post
so i went a head and gave the "OK" to rebuild the shocks, decided to just not slam my car and sell it and upgrade to a zhp package... it will be missed
Really dissapointing you had to pay them for a rebuild.

Once I get my replacement struts, it will be essentailly new again and I plan on selling this kit locally.

My Update:

FCP has been dealing with KW to get me a replacement driver front strut. I just have to pay to ship my old one back. Jason VanGorden has been helpful dealing with me in this process (he's aware of this thread)

Last week I received a FedEx shipment from KW.
Contents: Passenger front strut

Up next, waiting for the correct side to ship.....

Update 2: The correct strut has been shipped priority and is scheduled for delivery today according to the tracking number

Very happy with FCP Groton!

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