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Originally Posted by Blocked Out View Post
Yes. All Diesel E46 Have swirl flaps. n fact all these cars have swirl flaps and are all infected with the same virus:
M47TUD20 introduced in 2001 and used on: E46 320d, 320Cd, X3 2.0
M57TUD30 introduced in 2002 and used on: E46 330d, E46 330d, X3 3.0d, X5 3.0d, E60/E61 530d, E65 730d
M57TUD25 introduced in 2004 and used on: E60/E61 525d

You need to remove them ASAP. Its a design flaw on BMW and a bomb waiting to go off. Plan a nice weekend and remove those suckers. If you dont have a DIY here it is.

http://www.bmwforums***91;/img] ** SPAM L...placement.html
took apart this sht today and noticed i dont have those flaps and then found this: " M47 engine(136bhp non common rail vp44 injection pump) DO NOT HAVE swirl flaps

M47N common rail engine (including M47N/M47TU/M47TUD20)(150bhp face lift model August-September 2001 onwards) has flaps

M57 engines(M57D)(525d & 187bhp 330d) have no swirl flaps on the manual cars BUT AUTOMATICS DO"

well i guess im one of the lucky ones who dont have these flaps
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