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This time I wonít be working with copper for the connection of the Focal Subs. When I started this project, I said I was going to keep it basicÖ.and Iím getting the feeling itís getting a bit out of hand again .

I want to show with this connection , that you can make beautiful and good things with simple stuff.

First I let a friend make me a couple of aluminium busses.

Then I took an aluminium rectangular bar from 10mm on 15mm.
Once I perfectly measured where the holes need to be, I drilled all holes with a pillar drill machine.
This was for me the best way to drill the holes STRAIGHT.
Then I taped a lath in the subbox, and drilled the holes into the wood.

You can see, that I when I drilled a hole, I let the drill stay into the hole. That way the lath canít go anywhere, and it all stays on 1 line.

Here you can see the alu bar, with the busses underneath.

The bar is mounted on 3 places with normal inbus-screws, which are sunken in. These inbus-screws you will see everywhere in this install.

Where the connection of the speaker will come, you can see holes of 8mm. Here will a little anodized aluminium tube will be placed, where the cable will run through.
When you look closely onto the picture, you can see I made big holes on the backside, and provided them with screwthread. Here will come an adjusting screw of M4 onto the little alu tube, so itíll keep itís place. And be doing this Iím sure that it wonít go vibrating cause of the subboxí pressure.

I need to order the alu busses cause they arenít in stock.
Theyíll be delivered next week.

I also hope that the temperature will go up a bit, cause where Iím working now, thereís no heating. And for those little works, itís freeeeeeezing on my hands (and the rest)

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