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Originally Posted by Bartacus View Post
Dexter won't kill La Guerta for sure. That's completely against his code, and he's shown no signs that he'd break the code to survive. But he did violate the code by letting Hannah live. My prediction: Hannah will kill La Guerta, Dexter will kill Hannah (unfortunately), and Deb will survive it all.
Originally Posted by klubeck View Post
Quoted for when he breaks his code this Sunday. I think Dexter's line that he holds for killing people might start to get a little blurred.
An episode later, my bad.

Great episode. I loved Dexter's "Oh Sh!t" moment when he was about to kill the arsonist and everything he was saying held true to himself...although a bit convenient, I felt all the conversations he had w/ Hannah and Harry leading up to it allowed it to work.

The next two episode have the possibility for taking this season and the show as a whole to another level. Dexter has had his realization that he kills because of who he is, he will do what he has to do to avoid getting caught. LaGurta is going to get it by the end of the season...her character has far outlived her presence in the book. Deb isn't going to let the Hannah thing go, it will present an ultimatum in the end where Dexter has to choose between the two.
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