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Originally Posted by damian12 View Post
Isn't that usually passenger side?

I tried a picture, a bit fuzzy, but it is indeed leaking down the clutch shaft. On RealOEM they show an input and output clutch cylinder. Is that the master and slave?
Where is the slave cylinder on this car? (it's a 330Ci)

I can't tell by smell, my smeller isn't very good. The color is blue, as are my coolant and brake fluid. But, it's very blue, like my brake fluid. That's why I am thinking master or slave cylinder.

Looks like you may need a clutch master cylinder.

Originally Posted by greenpick View Post
By happen chance, I was at the local Dealer today to get some parts and asked the service folks why change the oil housing. They said you might not have too but that the housing can warp and even with a new seal it will still leak. Were they just trying to make a little more $$, who knows.
I have only seen this happen once in about 6 or 7 years. Its rare, but can happen.

Originally Posted by COBYATCH View Post

Anybody know what this is? I noticed it after checking my coolant level, which was low, but I'm not sure if that relates to this.
You sir will soon need a radiator. Happened to mine a couple years ago. The plastic at the corner where the tube sticks out becomes weak and cracks. Might want to go ahead and replace it so it doesn't leave you stranded.
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