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Mecklenburg County requires both OBD II and a tail pipe emissions test as you know. There is no mention of Section 1 cats in the parts list; if you have have Euro cats, SS cats, or cats from another source, say Section 1 from Custom Performance, it's good that you're being responsible. Stating the obvious, it will be impossible for your sled to pass emissions testing without cats so if you don't have them yet, buy a set.

As for the exhaust sound, go to the Regional Forum and meet with other Fellahs who have E46Ms at social meets and such. There will be a good chance someone will have the set up you desire already on a car. You can then ask for a ride; there's no better substitute for hearing it yourself. Heck, you may find other exhausts more enticing. For me, had I heard the BB (Billy Boat) exhaust before I plunked down the dough for a SS Race, I would have grabbed the BB, as its exhaust tone is more to my liking, although I am happy with my SS. Anyways, buy a Section 1 with cats, or modify your existing Section 1 to include a pair of cats.

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