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Originally Posted by PrecisionX View Post
I want as much simple performance as possible and though I like a nice ride I'm not afraid of a performance ride as long as I have the handling to back it up.

I'm not afraid of the work, I am afraid of the springs though because I don't have a compressor and that job is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. I'm wondering if I paid a shop to put the springs on the parts and then just bolt the parts on my self and go get an alignment
Its not really dangerous if you use the tools properly. Go to Harbor Freight and pick up a set of spring compressors. In Canada, the equivalent store is Princess Auto.

I did the springs on my winter beater Neon R/T just a few weeks ago, which has 4 struts (as opposed to the E46's two) - and the previous owner managed to fit taller mismatched springs on all 4 struts - meaning they were super compressed.

I used these, which are great because they have a spring safety lock:

After you're done, just return them and it only cost you your time. I have no idea what a shop would charge but I'd imagine $20 per strut, so you could do that as well.
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