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My Ride: M3 & ZHP
I have extensive experience with both. I don't think the "daiy drivability" of the ZHP is enough to warrant buying one over an M3. IMO, the M3 did not ride significantly harder than the ZHP. Not a very popular opinion - but unlike many m3's out there, my stock shocks were still good. IMO with equal tires, both cars have similar ride comfort.

That said, the m3's harder to drive. Steering is a lot stiffer, shifter is stiffer, clutch is stiffer, brakes are stiffer, and throttle is a lot more sensitive. So in that sense it's more tiring to DD - it requires more physical effort and finesse to operate. The engine is a bear to drive smoothly in the cold. And you have to be a lot more careful with power delivery. The ZHP was so slow that it was damn near impossible to break it loose. The M3 on the other hand comes with the same width tires and 100 more horses. So if you're not careful in the lower gears, you can get in trouble.

That said, I love the extra power. It's a godsend to have on the highway and when driving uphill. I can't go back.

If I wanted something more DDable than an M3, I'd go with a 535 or so at this point.

Oh and for winter driving I prefer the m3. The LSD has gotten me through conditions that my ZHP would have never gone through. I use the same winter tires, so that's not a factor in this case.

I got similar gas mileage in the M3 and ZHP. Averaged 22-23 in both. The key is to refrain from revving to 8k when you're just going on a cruise. The car sucks a lot of fuel towards redline. Cruising at 65mph, I can get a little above 30mpg.

Those drives when I choose to have a bit of fun end up netting 16mpg

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