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Originally Posted by sdbyrd View Post
So would the line output converter go in the trunk next to the factory amp?

Also, would it be better to just bypass the factory amp so the head unit is driving everything? I'm not sure what all is involved with that. Is it just a matter of splicing the speaker wires together?
You may want to check into the settings menu on your head unit and see if there is a built in setting. There is on the Dynavin units anyway, but it's in a hidden menu. On a Dynavin, you go to AUX, hit 9 on the remote and the menu pops up, and there are a couple of settings under AMP. Just tossing that out there, again not sure if the clones are the same.

The converter could go in the dash or in the trunk, as long as it's between the head unit and the amp.

It would also be fairly simple to just bypass the amp. You could just splice the wires for each channel together and skip the amp. That way you're just using the power from the head unit.

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