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Originally Posted by DILLA View Post
If i was trying to cut, I would cut out most of the dairy and hog, strictly egg whites, lots of greens, sweet potatoes for carbs, chicken/ fish are good, more greens, continue drinking a lot of water, 3/4-1 gallon, unsalted almonds and nuts, steel cut oats, probably only one cheat meal a week. The right amount of cardio and intensity is crucial though. When I cut I did 3 times a week low to moderate running/cycling for 30 minutes. What do you cook your meats with? Your veggies?
Ok see thats one thing. I don't want to cut everything, I just want my abs cut... I still want to continue trying to bulk the rest until Jan 1st... If thats even possible..

Most veggies I mix in with my eggs or eat raw. Meat I usually season with lemon pepper and just spray the pan with Great Value butter flavored pan spray...
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