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Awesome! I cant wait until I'm done with school and can afford to have a different daily driver -then I'll be able to throw in a lightweight flywheel too!

Question though: what do you mean by accept the "center bearing" used in 6-speed applications? Do you mean the driveshaft input spline? Or the throw out bearing?

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Thanks for the update Ian and Alex. I have sent Valeo an email asking if their flywheel can accept the center bearing used in 6-speed applications. Physically it looks like it might be able to.

The dual mass flywheel weighs 24.89 lbs so both the Valeo and OEM are in the same ballpark from a weight perspective.

As for the lightweight flywheels, I'm currently using a JB Racing aluminum flywheel that weighs in at a mere 10 lbs. They do allow the motor to rev very quickly but the tradeoff is unrelenting gear chatter when you have the tranny in neutral and let your foot off the clutch (more pronounced in hot weather). There is a performance advantage but driveability suffers because it's touchy. For some this may not be a big deal if your sole purpose is to put a grin on your face in the twisties. If you put your time behind 10,000 other cars in rush-hour traffic a lightweight flywheel can be tedious. But like I said, it does rev very quickly.
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