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Originally Posted by alexxander.foster View Post
Awesome! I cant wait until I'm done with school and can afford to have a different daily driver -then I'll be able to throw in a lightweight flywheel too!

Question though: what do you mean by accept the "center bearing" used in 6-speed applications? Do you mean the driveshaft input spline? Or the throw out bearing?
In 5-speed applications the center-bearing is actually located within the output of the crankshaft on the engine. There is a machined nipple on the end of the transmission input shaft that slips into the center-bearing. This keeps the transmission lined up with the engine to ensure vibration is reduced to a minimum. It also maintains alignment of the transmission and engine when the clutch is depressed otherwise the transmission input shaft would float.

In 6-speed applications BMW chose to press the center-bearing into the flywheel. It serves the same purpose but it's a little easier to service.

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