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Haha - you're probably right, I misused terminology but I explained it well.

I didn't have a 5-speed to compare with but my gut instinct is that the 5-speed may have a slightly deeper reach on the input shaft of the transmission. I know that the pilot bearing sits inside that recess on the crankshaft and the flywheel bolts to the crankshaft. Logically i don't think it would work because the 6-speed would be fitting into the pilot bearing further outside the crankshaft at the flywheel.

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Ah! The pilot bearing! I've never heard it called the center bearing. Very interesting... man, that certainly would make servicing a hell of a lot easier. I had to get a stupid slide hammer to get mine out.

Anyway, just weighing in from memory, that might be a problem. The center hub on the Valeo flywheel is machined much more shallow than the stock dual mass flywheel hub. Its kind of hard to see from the pics but they machined it so it only sticks out just far enough to sit on the shoulder of the tail end of the crankshaft. If my memory serves me right, theres pretty much no more purchase left to press fit a bearing.

I presume you did the 6-speed swap. Would relocating the pilot bearing back into the crankshaft solve your problems?

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