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Originally Posted by YEG_E46 View Post
Hello everyone, New to the forum. Bought my 1999 328i sbout a month ago and i love it....untill now. There was a really high pitch squeel coming from the trans and the clutch wasnt disengaging. Took it to eurasia in edmonton alberta, and this is what they have told me. It needs a new slave cylinder, clutch flywheel and a coupe of other things that total close to 4 grand. Now heres my question. I paid 3000 dollars for the car. has 330000 kms on it, fully loaded, black. beautiful inside and out. No history of any accidents, zero dents on the body. In your guys expert opinions, is it worth to be fixed, or should i just cut my loss's and call it a day. Any advice would be much appretiated.
Total manual clutch parts about $800

The slave is $70.

$4K seems ridiculously excessive. Get another quote.

When you think about it it would be considerably cheaper to take a week off work and DIY.

But even at $100 an hour it should only be about $700. It should not take more than a day to chnage a clutch.

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