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Originally Posted by willsbma View Post
The fitting I am referring to is a bushing. The bushing that came on my replacement pump wasn't the correct size. I was able to tighten it, but it would not lock the hose into place. I swapped the bushing from my old PS pump into the replacement and I was able to tighten the hose properly. I am betting this is/was your problem because you would be able to make it very tight, but fluid would leak out everywhere.
Could be - unfortunately I trashed my old PS pump The bushing you're talking about also didn't seem to be removable on either of my pumps.

My problem is a little different though, I can make it very tight and it's "locked" - won't go any tighter but the tightening nut is not up against the pump, and it also doesn't leak (good seal). But, it seems to loosen slightly over time. I've been driving for over a week now with it loose enough that the fluid drains from the pump overnight and requires two starts in the morning to suck some back down from the reservoir and have working P/S. Luckily, that is apparently a really small amount because the fluid level doesn't seem to be going down.

My jacks/stands are 50 miles away at my dad's so I need to find time to drive all that way to drain the fluid yet again and put some Loctite on the threads
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