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Local news in LA included a sound bite from dad saying he had no plans to sue, just wanted everyone to know what can happen. We'll see if that sentiment holds up after a few lawyers dangle a big payday in front of them.

He mentioned the lack of signs. Really, like people read signs and are vigilant about everything they say.

The Mayan end of the world is going to be when the entire planet is one big warning sign with so much fine print that no one can do anything any more.

People forget that dolphin are among the top ocean predators. They are perceived as fun and friendly because of their "smile", intelligence, generally playful disposition, and the fact that they generally only eat fish, which humans don't empathize with as a prey item. But, with the exception that they don't take large prey, they're analogous to wolves. They're big, strong, quick, smart and well-toothed and must be treated with respect for their abilities.

It wouldn't surprise me if Sea World adds a shelf or nook along the top of that wall and instructs people to keep the tray under the shelf to help protect them from their own carelessness.
We will not tolerate intolerance.

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