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Originally Posted by casino is no lie View Post
$45 a wheel for magnesium? You're out of your mind. You're better off with aluminum.
Seriously am I?
Have you done the research?
Do you know the quantity Im looking for?
I know alot, i mean a shitload about Logistics work ,import/export...pretty much anything that involves moving products. Ive lol pretty much been gathering knowledge from a very young age.

LOL Im sorry but yes Magnesium alloy wheels are ludacris for what im suggesting $45/wheel is nuts from a start off point of view but its not impossible.

The whole concept of it being suitable for the application. Is it possible to be used the way im going to be using it for. Im heavily researching and doing my due diligence before doing something stupid.

Is $25/wheel for aluminum alloy too much to dream of? for 22.5x 8.5 or 22.5x10?

Correct me if im wrong because I dont know 100%, but I cant find a big enough reason why Magnesium alloys cant be used in this enviorment except for the fact for tire blowouts and fires. Which are non-issue most of the time because normal operations/policy will still make drivers and company maintenance check up tire and rims. Only thing im worried about is accidental blowouts which might cause a fire, even then these metals dont heat up as much as steel or aluminum. If they are safe enough for racing, why are they not safe enough for street use.

Once again all criticism, issues, or questions that might arise will be a great help.

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