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Originally Posted by golf_234 View Post
Whoever you talked to is either a theif, don't know what they are doing, or don't know anything about ordering parts. Not many other categories they could fit into. If you can't trust them on a quote, I would be wary of them coming within 3ft of my car. go back in and tell that mother****** that if he EVER tries to lie to you to again he will not see another customer come in for three years. Watch godfather a couple times for examples if needed.


but seriously. What a loser. be like.. " uhh. can you itemize this for me please. Where are you coming up with your numbers, your hourly rate, parts prices, because 4k is not possible for this job. Like, i really can't figure out how you are even coming CLOSE to this. Quotes are part of a business too. I will give a bad review on a quote ALL day. need to hold people accountable. Especially mechanics.
I got a quote for an ATF and filter change a few weeks ago. It was for around $650 (previously I got one for $700+). I asked the guy exactly why it was so expensive. He really couldn't justify it. I broke down the parts cost to a maximum of $150 and he had nothing to say. I asked, "So you want to charge me for 5+ hours of labor for a job I can do myself in 2 or less?" No legitimate response, just bullshit like "Well, we use BMW ATF." Dude, I see that Redline D4 ATF on the shelves behind you.

Anyway, I have found that most mechanics are criminals and don't know what they are doing, nor do they take pride in their work. I don't think I'll ever take a car I own to a mechanic unless I have to for the rest of my life. The auto repair industry is a scam.
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