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Originally Posted by lucky_doggg7 View Post
Go buy a ice/snow scraper for the windshield that has a broom on one end; this is self explanatory why you'll need this. Next, before driving to Tahoe, buy a bottle or two of gas additve known as: "Iso" or otherwise known as isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol); when you are in Tahoe, pour a bottle of this in the gas tank; this will prevent the gas from gelling up due to cold temps. Next, if you have regular "Dino" oil in the motor, get an oil change and use a synthetic motor oil; synthetic flows better at lower temperatures. Next, make sure you drain out all your windshield wiper fluid and make sure you buy the stuff that will not freeze; if this precaution is not taken, the regular water based solution will freeze, and when this happens, it'll break the reservoir/container. Next, if your windshield wiper blades are iffy, get some fresh new one's. Next, if your battery is on the iffy side, get a new one; a weak battery in cold climes is "asking for it". Next, carry a tow strap with you along with a small shovel if you have one. This is optional but applying some RainX to the interior window surface will help prevent fogging. Be sure to carry blankets, extra water, maybe granola bars or something of that nature because highway 50 is two lanes up and back, bit if it snows, it turns into one lane up and back; if an accident should occur ahead of you, you'll be stuck in your car for a long time as Caltrans/CHP will stop traffic. I'm sure I missed a thing or two but this should cover 99% of things. Safe travels up there bud.
Thanks for the thorough response lucky_doggg7, I'll be sure to change the washer fluid so I don't risk breaking the resevoir. Sounds like you make the trip a lot.

By the way, do you know how often they REQUIRE snow chains in South Tahoe? My mechanic kinda made me scared to use them because I have 18's and low pro tires. He said if those chains break, they'll tear up my fender. Obviously it's impossible to predict the weather, but I hear the 50 does get a lot of snow. Any good tire chain options for 18's and low pro tires? (Not sure exactly what tires I got on there, just bought the car, but they're performance wet/dry tires). Also definitely not going to buy snow tires for a 3 day Tahoe trip.

I've driven in snow, in front wheel drive cars, that I didn't care about.... hence now that I may bring my baby up to the snow, I want to take every precaution. If anything, it should be fun Isn't snow that THAT bad, it's the ice that I should be worrying about.

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