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I said $45/wheel but thats going to crazy crazy lines , I can tell you its possible but wont go that far so everyone is on my ass i should of never said it. Even I thought it was a dream number.
Here is what I can do already:
1. I can get steel rims, heavy and pointlessly heavy. For practically dirt prices, i can find old ones lying around many yards. - $40-50 new, or just look around
2. I can get aluminum wheels, 22.5" that weigh around 25kgs, give or take 1-2kgs, $75-100 new, or i can look around and probably get them for 50

Now all thats beautiful, one way or another im paying those prices. I think I can widely reduce those costs if I got a deal with a manufacturer, which i can get. Why pay retail when im using more than wholesale amounts of wheels.

Now to the vision, to the possibilites:

**** I want:
Obviously, cheaper wheels, lighter and stronger and will have longevity. Benefits>Costs simple.
There obvious advantages of Magnesium over Aluminum, and Aluminum over steel. The benefits are enormous.

What im hearing from you guys (thanks for the input btw, greatly appreciated even you NFR):
Cost will exceed the benefits...Right?

Also keep this in mind:
Tire wear, with the three main metals and alloys.
AND think large scale, think 4 rims per axle, thats 8 per trailer + 8per truck =16wheels (only axle) For a basic highway truck not counting the the 2 front wheels.
So thats 16 for one truck (basic truck, theres quad 5 axle trailers and 3 power axle trucks numbers will get too big too fast for the point im trying to make.
now multiple that by 100 trucks (still a small number) thats 1600wheels
Now usually there are more trailers than trucks so im going to modify that number
im going to say the ratio for trailers to trucks is 3:1

For 100 trucks:
8*100 =800 for the trucks
8* 100 (*3 for the trailers) =2400
= 3200/per 100 trucks
32 per truck however you want to look at it.
Just think bigger, 100 trucks is a very very small number

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