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Originally Posted by NFRs2000nyc View Post
Listen to this dipsh!t. When you manufacture car wheels, you do not need to pass any standards. You can cast a wheel, stick them in a box, and sell them. No one is going to stop you. Ok there chief, enjoy getting fleeced on your little big-rig empire. A genius like you, who knows absolutely nothing about wheels, metal, cars, life, girls, or even the occasional FAP deserves to get shoved to the poorhouse. Your dumb a$$ doesn't even know that the standard for a truck wheel is 22.5", not 22.


I can pull up some government SH IT for you but that will go pointless because to you facts are airborne particles of **** coming from an asshole that is inches away from your face. I dont know the standard for a truck wheel? Did i say i knew a standard anywhere in this thread, ???? can you please give me a source where you got 22" for a standard wheel

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