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Originally Posted by 330iPilot View Post
LOL on all of those that think changing to regular oil had something to do with it. Car engines don't benefit from synthetic oil other than extended oil change intervals. Synthetic oil was originally developed for jet engines because regular oil couldn't withstand the temperatures and pressures that turbine engines produce. Conventional car engines won't produce temps or pressures high enough to break down the lubricative properties of conventional oil. There have been numerous studies done on this.

That being said, I still put synthetic in my BMW!

A little history on synthetic oil:

Originally Posted by ilkercatal View Post
i WENT TO A BMW mechanic today here in brooklyn ( guy used to work at bmw factory in ermany, a russian guy)
He listened to the noise and he says 95 percent chance is the lifters. i told him will this sieze the engine, he goes i dont think so. I asked him also, how much to repair and he says 1000 to 2000 depends what is needed. So since my car is only worth like 3000$ i am just going to use it as it is and do all other maintence and live with this small noise. Or, if one of ya'll can give me a link on how to do this lifters change ( is it expensive to buy the parts, is it tedious job to do).
$1-2k for what? I'd get a new mechanic.

Did you check your spark plugs even? Sounds like one is loose or an exhaust leak.
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