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Hey Ray - i just looked at "" for the Tahoe area. Here is the link dude: The forecast for Truckee, here is the link: is consistent with the Tahoe forecast as you would expect. The reason for posting this, I was going to recommend that you go rent an AWD SUV if it was going to snow like gangbusters, but since the forecast looks to be sensational, renting an AWD SUV/Truck is not required.

As for chains, the kind I see most is the cable type. Look for the cable type that has a heavy duy "coil like spring" that sheathes or encases the portion of cable that spans over the tire tread face. Though these are bulkier, the coil like spring protects the cable from wearing from prolonged contact with the tarmac. Test fit the chains on your driveway at home to ensure they fit as claimed. Know your tire size before heading to the retailer; I'm guessing you have 255/35/18s on the rear; the tire chains will include a list of all the tire sizes that the chains will accommodate. Perhaps even call ahead to your retailer to save time and gas. Looking at the forecast, chains won't be required but the weather is not 100% predictable so better safe than sorry.

Lastly, as for ski resorts, I personally like Squaw more than Heavenly. At Heavenly, my major gripe there is that one must do a lot of "poling" to get to the lift after you've descended the slope face, but really, both are so much fun, it should be illegal. If you've got the time, rent some snow mobiles and take a guided tour on some trails up and around the lake. You will enter some country that will be so beautiful, it almost has a spiritual feeling to it. How can anything like that be so nice? Anyways, 400 to 600 cc sleds will have ample power to have fun; a 900 triple is not necessary to have fun.

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