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If you look at just a single measure of performance, in your case fuel economy, then it looks as if things haven't progressed much. But keep in mind that that Model T and the Type 1 Beetle had no creature comforts at all, had ABYSMAL performance, and each one polluted more than a full fleet of Ferrari Enzos. The Beetle had no heater (if you wanted one, you had to order an optional gas heater) or air conditioning, took well over 20 seconds to get to 60 mph, and could only reach 70 mph (as a top speed) on a downhill grade. By the way, no heater means no windshield defrost; you had to use your hand to continually wipe the inside of the windscreen.

Electric cars are not necessarily the solution, if green is your thing. The pollution generated in their production greatly exceeds that of cars powered by "dinosaur" juice, the storage batteries contain toxic heavy metals that need to be mined (and will ultimately require disposal), and the generation of that electricity still relies on power plants, the majority of which are fueled by coal. By the way, the Fisker Karma actually uses a 2 litre gasoline engine to continuously charge its batteries. It also costs $100,000.

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