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6 and 6 so far. 4 games left and 2 are at home. They need to win all 4 games to get a seat reserved for the playoffs and need to win 3/4 to get a chance at a a wildcard. They can make it if they play their first halves like they have been recently playing their second half.

And winning is easier if Romo does not throw 6 interceptions in one game.

I was surprised. This past Sunday Romo became the number one leading passer in Cowboy history. That is pretty significant if you consider that Roger Staubach, Troy Aikman, Don Meredith and Drew Bledsoe have all worn Cowboy uniforms .

Romo needs to get a Super Bowl appearance or else he'll be a footnote to greatness like Fran Tarkenton of the Minnesota Vikings. I think Tarkenton had 3 Super Bowl appearances but never won, but he is rarely mentioned when great quarterbacks are mentioned.

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