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Pft! Besides a little motion blur, it looks like it was taken with a DSLR -haha! Seems like TitaniumCranium is right, the input shaft is shorter. I cant imagine any other reason why they'd push out the pilot bearing so deep into the bell housing.

Originally Posted by Ian@BavAuto View Post
This is what the 6 speed pilot bearing set-up looks like. This is the only flywheel I have to show the unique design of it.

Please excuse the terrible iPhone pic....

Yes! You're absolutely right about these solid mass flywheels being serviceable. That was a big selling feature for me too! I honestly would have preferred a replaceable insert like what comes with the UUC/Fidanza lightweight flywheels (that is a very clever idea) but I'm still extremely satisfied.

Also, I'm pretty sure you do have to change the dual mass flywheel each time. What I dug up was was that although the dual mass flywheel has a longer service interval than the pressure plate and the clutch, its not all that much longer. The reason its not a lifetime part is because of the dampening mechanisms inside the dual mass flywheel. When that part wares out or sustains damage (like mine did) its trash. I read several posts on here from self professed BMW mechanics stating they refuse to reuse the dual mass flywheel under any circumstances because in the past its always failed before the clutch and they've had to do a second clutch job for free.

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Probably another positive benefit of this set-up is that in the future, when you replace your clutch you could remove the flywheel and have it machined/cleaned as opposed to having to replace the dual mass each time. I know you don' have to replace the fly wheel, but its still nice to have a unit you can service and reuse.
Yes! I've actually been meaning to post an update about how it feels. I'll do that in a separate post. Thanks for reminding me.

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Very cool stuff..! Bookmarked, please be sure to post your impressions about fuel economy and other aspects as you accumulate miles on this setup. Now I need to figure out if Valeo makes this for the E90/92 for when I will need a new clutch (years away)..

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