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Hi again,

I tried to bled the system but actually it was a failure. When I loosen the bleeding screw neither air nor fluid is coming. I think water is not circulating at all. I checked the codes and I have 1622, 1421 and 1423. Also when I drove the car, first it overheats up to red temperature, after 20-30 seconds firstly the red light gets off and temperature starts to be down slowly back to mid temperature. After shortly it starts to get higher up to red area and in 30 seconds it starts to go down back. So it periodically does this...

The history of the problem is:
The radiator started to leak and I was about to blew the engine, I saw the white smoke(gasket is damaged probably)
The mechanic changed the sensor part, he said it is leaking from there. Then when he started after that radiator broke from another point. Then he changed the whole radiator as well. After couple of days this I got a check engine light but I ignored it because sometimes a warning about transmission causes this. Then maybe 30 days after it overheat again with the story I mentioned above. Ail and coolant is there but overeated..

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.
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