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Originally Posted by Rubenk View Post
Pics or it didnt happen.

I have some great oceanfront property in arizona that you might be interested in. I'll only provide proof to serious buyers though.
I'll bite. I have the money, show me proof. See how easy that is? I'll pm you an email address and if you can't show me what you claim to have- I'll be calling you out.

Originally Posted by 05M3SMG View Post
You sound like a complete tool. Your car is not your wife.
I guess you didn't have your funny pants on when you read my ad? Simmer down Nancy.

Originally Posted by eson View Post
Someone with an HPF M3 please chime in here and shut this guy up. I can fully respect the sleeper status and the car itself, but chill.
Bring it. Seriously. Attempt to shut my car up. For tire kickers and lookie loos I have nothing for you.

Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
It could very well be a mess of turbo plumbing under the hood, who knows?

We don't even need videos. Just pictures of the engine compartment and a general build list. No one will fly out to take a look at your car based on your word alone. That's not how the world works.
Actually no. Earls prolite 350 and anotuff fittings were used throughout the car. Almost all external wiring was rerouted thru the factory harness. It looks somewhat stock under the hood minus the fuel rail and charge pipe......
I wouldn't expect someone to fly out and look at my car unless we had a few back and forth via email and perhaps a phone conversation in order to make sure that they know what they're getting is legitimate. If someone is out of town or state and wants someone to local to look at it I have no issues with someone they know coming by and taking a peek.

By the way I live next to George Bush so I could just pick you up in the car.

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