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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
I haven't done anything about it yet. I'll end up chaning the fluid myself though. I have to tools and time to do it on a weekend in the future.

They did try to tell me that my car doesn't need it (70K miles) before they gave me the quote. I told them I didn't care what their recommendation was and that I wanted the fluid changed. Either way, they are scamming the **** out of people who don't know as much as I do about my car. They also wanted $575 for tierod installation (or $350 if I provided parts) and $200 for an alignment.

Sorry to thread jack, but I was just sharing my lesson learned:

Not all shops suck, but some do. I am cheap as hell and price/look around a lot before letting someone work on my car. Occasionally, if something big goes down, I will pony up for a premium shop in Nashville - but they are very honest/fair about labor time and they do not mark up parts (at least for me.) My usual rule of thumb is if a shop won't let me furnish the parts, I probably won't use them. There are some great indy mechanics out there who will do that tie rod and allignment job for a lot less - keep looking.
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