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Originally Posted by SLVRXI View Post
I may be getting a totaled M3, an want to do the swap my self also. I have a few questions i was wondering if you could help me out with. Sorry if you had any of these answers in your thread, I may have skipped over them.

1. can i use the sub frames front and rear control arms an suspension?
2. how much of the wire harness do i need to transfer to sedan?
3. my car is already a manual would i still need to transfer pedal assembly?
4. Will the RPM lights work on the gauge cluster work, or what has to be done to make them work? need m3 subframes and suspension. im told the front underbrace is the same.
2.this depends what features you want to work. and what features your car already has. Just to get the car to start. you will need to wire in the EKP fuel relay. If your car is currently drive by cable you will have to convert that to drive by wire and add the wires for the m3 drive by wire pedal. You will have to extend a couple wires for your radiator resivor sensor. non-m is located on drivers side, M is located on pass. side therefore you need to extend them from drivers to pass. You will also have to add a connector and 2 wires for the Idle control valve. the non-m's have 1 connector with two wires going to them. the M's have 2 connectors with a total of 4 wires (2 on each connector)
3. I think i answered the pedal question already.... if your car is already drive by wire than i think you can use the same assembly although i am not sure. because my car was drive by cable i will be swaping all the pedals for the m3 pedals.
4.You will need the m3 cluster for the lights to work, as far as wiring i dont think anything needs to be changed there. although i did add a wire or two on the connector for the cluster i think they were DSC related so you could potentially ignore them.

If you have any more specific questions feel free to ask.
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